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The complete and official list of all CH3 recordings.
CH3 Self Titled EPSelt-Titled (EP)
Released: 1981 Label: Posh Boy
Fear of LifeFear Of Life (LP)
Released: 1982 Label: Posh Boy
I've Got A GunI've Got A Gun (LP)
Released: 1983 Label: No Future (UK)
I'll Take My ChancesI'll Take My Chances b/w How Come? (7" Single)
Released: 1983 Label: Posh Boy
After The Lights Go OutAfter The Lights Go Out (LP)
Released: 1984 Label: Posh Boy
Indian SummerIndian Summer b/w Separate Peace (7" Single)
Released: 1984 Label: Posh Boy
AirborneAirborne (EP)
Released: 1984 Label: Enigma
Last Time I DrankLast Time I Drank (LP)
Released: 1985 Label: Enigma
Skinhead YearsThe Skinhead Years (CD)
Released: 1989, 1995, 2000 Label: Posh Boy
RejectedRejected (LP)
Released: 1989 Label: Lone Wolf (Canada)
I've Got A Gun/After The Lights Go OutI've Got A Gun/After The Lights Go Out (CD)
Released: 1991 Label: Anagram(UK)
CH3 LiveHow Do You Open The Damn Thing? (Live CD)
Released: 1994 Label: Lost And Found (Germany)
Channel 3Channel 3 (LP/CD)
Released: 2002 Label: Dr. Strange

Album Title Label Released
Rodney On the Roq Volume 2 Posh Boy 1981
The Future Looks Bright Posh Boy 1981
Rodney On The Roq Volume 3 Posh Boy 1982
Punk And Disorderly Posh Boy 1982
Punk And Disorderly-Further Charges Anagram (UK) 1982
American Youth Report Invasion 1982
Posh Hits Volume 1 Posh Boy 1983
Something To Believe In BYO 1983
Eastern Front Enigma 1983
Blood On The Roq Quiet (UK) 1983
Enigma Variations Enigma 1985
The Future Looks Brighter Posh Boy 1987
The Best Of Rodney On the Roq Posh Boy 1989
Someones Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something BYO 1992
Faster And Louder-Hardcore Punk Vol 2 Rhino 1993
LA's Hardcore Punk Case Jimco (Japan) 1994
Indie Punk Classics Emporio 1994
Golden Shower Of 72 Hits Lost And Found (Germany) 1995
Old School Punk Neurotic 1995

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