The many faces of CH3…

April 28, 2009

Ya know, with a goofy ass name like Channel 3, you’d think we’d have a nice corner on the market.

But no.

Go ahead and Google Channel 3, and you’re gonna get 5 pages of stupid local news anchors before you get to your heroes. Fuck, we should’ve just named the band Meagan Fox or Free Viagra for all the good it does us on the ol search engines. But when you narrow down to the music acts, it’s come to our attention that there are several ways to do CH3! Let’s take a look at just a few of our current favorites, shall we?

Here we have the mighty CH3, but wha… wha? Oh, it’s the French rap group CH3, silly! These guys look like they mean business (or bidness), so we’ll not have our lawyer Saul get on em with the usual cease and desist. Besides, we’re hoping to meet up with these b boys in Paris this Summer to share a cassoulet and trade Tshirts!!

Zut Alors!  Zis is how wee roll.....

Zut Alors! Zis is how wee roll.....

This guy I like. He apparently makes music with his Nintendo DS–why the hell didn’t we think of that? Lugging Marshall half stacks around the country these last 25 years!!
This mystery man from Virginia doesn’t make his face known, he only seems to rule his empire from behind a Pokeman character facade. Again, why didn’t we think of it first?!
Channel 3

These seem like good kids. But I can just imagine the hell they’re gonna run into when they start touring and all the drunken punk rockers come out and demand to hear Manzanar, goddamnit!! I see they are available to play graduation parties too. I assume they’ll work cheaper than we do, but hey– give us a call and we’ll crunch some numbers!Channel 3

I want my innocence back!!

I want my innocence back!!

Here’s my personal favorite, the CH3 compound—-alright, don’t start writing in to remind us that there is no actual compound CH3. Duh! This is the methyl group in organic chemistry. For instance you would say : CH3Cl is methyl chloride
or chloromethane.

But you knew that already! Cheers-M

Mmm hmm---the difference between an hormone and a vitamin!

Mmm hmm---the difference between an hormone and a vitamin!

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